A Woodworking Shop
that Specializes in Horizontal Beehives and Wood Turnings

Long Langstroth Hive

We produce Horizontal Langstroth Hives.  These hives are for someone that is tired of the heavy lifting with the vertical hives, or some one that would like a more attractive beehive in their yard, as they can be painted and decorated any way you like.  They are perfect for backyard beekeepers wishing to provide honey for their household.

Wood Turnings

We produce a wide variety of turnings, some made of wood, some of resin and some made with a combination of resin and wood.  The art of wood turning is something we strive to be creative at and every piece is different.  We recently became involved in turning urns for cremains, and feel we can provide a beautiful heirloom quality urn for your loved ones, including pets.